domenica 26 giugno 2016

Himedia Q10 pro & Plex: HD audio and 24p !

with big surprise .... enable " Use Android Media Player" into Plex -> video setting playback HD audio and auto  switch 24p (23.976hz)  work .

Plex video setting:
Use Android Media PLayer
Video playback will use the standard Media PLayer provided by the device.This reduce some playback capabilities but improve playback for a limitd set of devices.

Playback with plex + Android Media PLayer:

+ NOT need wrapper
+ HD audio
+  switch 24p (23.976hz)
+ Hisilicon Expressx Engine work( see split screen test )
+ Plex user interface

Not work:
- can't access to Expressx menu setting
- Full 3d iso
- can't use for local setting, need plex server

It's very nice to have same function on kodi/spmc

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