venerdì 22 aprile 2016

Himedia Q10 pro with Epson EH-LS10000 and Sony VPL-VW520 4k

Today i have opportunity to try Q10 pro with Epson EH-LS10000 and Sony VPL-VW520 4k....

quality image with LS10000 was amazing!​

- with some documentary/naturalist video, it's perfect ... it's like view from a window in middle of forest o front a ocean...
- color it's perfect or realist, special with EH-LS10000
- dynamic range, withe and black level it's correct

There wasn't time to compare shield VS Q10, but the manager of store have told me that Q10 is more fluid and better image quality.

with this the image color it's perfect or realist like a photo print


domenica 10 aprile 2016

UyeSee S500

Altro box con hisilicon Soc, forse prossimamente ne saprò  qualcosa di più ;-).

martedì 5 aprile 2016

Test kodi and LIVE TV

live streaming from nasa TV channel work without issues.

Include already into new wrapper , no more need edit manual playercorefactory.xml.

Test playback with Dvdplayer(kodi)  

Interlaced content 1080i

Web Streaming 1080P

with Expressx engine( see split demo )