Himedia Q10 pro First impression [Eng]

Video quality:
The new HIMEDIA remains the best player for those seeking the ultimate in picture quality in its price range.
With products such as high-end TV, Plasma TV and projectors where he manages to squeeze the most of all their potentials.

The 23.976 fps are already supported by earlier versions of the firmware without micro-shots clear, this shows that the product starts already quite mature.

All popular Digital audio formats are now supported without problems both DTS and Dolby.
The Hi-res audio fromati are reproduced up to 192 Hz without problems from the player HIMEDIA music.

Building on the work done with the previous generation, the system appears to be an update a continuation without betraying the expectations.
All the work that had been done before for having one of the best play on the market was taken by the present generation.

 "break" the screen ....is perfect.
- playback 'The wall' in 3D was "dizziness" experience  .. in every sense.
 - With fil like 'Everest' 3D experience was  immersive and  spectacular.

This does not mean that the q10 pro is released as an already perfect product, it have  yet  some small imperfections.

There's some problems to be solved on the color space transformation the V200 soc has the new "Color space conversion (CSC) with configurable coefficients" which requires the RGB 8/10-bit YCbCr 8 / bits work for the conversion output.

As for HIMEDIA support is confirmed ahead of other companies emerging from the crowd of "Chinese brands".
it sending 3 samples to experts 'end' users, has approached that may be the gap between what a producer speculates end user wants and what you want.

We have a product ready for sale, yet NO; there is still more than a month the date of issue in the product and there is still work to do.

how like it:
- As the previous generation who gives top priority to the video quality in the video playback.
- Who wants a stable product without major complications, HIMEDIA confirms its reputation of not releasing ever beta firmware.

how don't like:
- For those looking for a complete integration with kodi.
- To those looking for a box for IPTV

I confirm the same impressions that gave the previous generation:

It remains one of the best player for video quality in its price range,
A very good compromise between price / stability / functionality and quality of the image.

some images

New player.... new logo di boot !

New home, but always in style tiles

A major new feature is the "color space Video & HDMI deep color menu"

Where you can set the color space to suit your needs to take advantage of being able to get up to the new 10-bit HDR panels.

The image quality has taken another step forward

The new player has a "water" graphic with blue hue much more pleasant and modern

Was finally introduced support of the chapters also in the MKV file playback.

The context menus graphic has been revised in a cleaner style it is modern

The video engine Expressz menu has been revised to incorporate the new features of the graphics processor
presets have been removed: sky, optimal etc .., replaced by a simple setting:
low- medium- high

It was added an extra menu to previous to get a clearer view of how the internal graphics engine in improving the image quality.

The menu-lite blu-ray has been revised taking it up, with graphics a little big , but very clear and very functional when you use the subtitles without overlapping

The 3D have new extra  menu  to set depth.

The play HIMEDIA is almost perfect on all reproductions, except in some cases where they are the color space transformation problems, with a reproduction of blacks too compressed and therefore too dark images.

We speak always teething troubles that surely will be resolved inevitable in a new generatio of players.

Was finally introduced support of hi-res audio files, the HIMEDIA player allows the passage of the 96 and 192 hz.

kodi and Hisilicon, what's the situation with kodi?
for now it is like in the previous generation needs to use the external player HIMEDIA, but we are at halfway: the hardware decoding work with the kodi 16  ( "vanilla" play market  ) player (dvdplayer):

In the new players they were integrated into the OS and using OpenMAX (Open Media Acceleration) used by the Android API "MedicaCodec" which are now the standard used by kodi 16, are supported all the coding most common:
so no problem for playback of H.265 4k 10bit!

 is still missing:
1) auto-switch  FPS 
2) Audio HD , only DD e DTS
on kodi needed for perfect reproduction

the good news is Expressx Video engine work also with kodi

Let's say that the foundation for good support and there are also the interests of kodi community, perhaps we must expect a bit of time but a complete integration and desirable.

The Video player Himedia remains valuable definitely above average enough to not feel for the need to use kodi which still can be used as a jukebox for covers and titles.

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